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About eManzimyoor

Find your Kashmiri match without compromising your values.

eManzimyoor is dedicated to revolutionizing the way Kashmiris around the world get married. No more hassles of dealing with traditional manzimyoors, as our platform has it all.

  • Countless Profiles

    Browse through thousands of Kashmiri & Non Kashmiri profiles.

  • Hidden Names

    In order to maintain privacy, your first name will only be revealed after you match.

  • No Public Pictures

    Pictures are only viewable to those who you match with. We keep your identity anonymous.

  • Match Algorithm

    Our special match alogrithm helps you get a better idea of who to connect with.

Everything you need to find a Kashmiri spouse, in one app.

Explore our unique features below.

Filter By Preference

See search results based on your personal filter preferences.

No Public Pictures

For the sake of your privacy, your pictures are not publicly displayed.

Levels of Information

You have full freedom & control over who sees your personal details.

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Match Algorithm

Specifically designed to show you how well you match with someone.

Full Names Hidden

Use our app without any worry of being recognized by your name.

Private Gallery

Feel confident in allowing your matches to view your photos.

How it works?

In order to protect your privacy and give you full control over what you choose to share with others, we have separated the information you can share with a match into 3 levels.

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Public Details

Public details are details about yourself that are visible to everyone. This includes information such as your family name, your gender, place of work, job title, marital status and more.

Level 1 (Professional & Family Details)

Level 1 details are private and are only accessible to people who you connect with. This invokes information such as first name, family details (parent's name and occupation) and photo of the potential bride/groom.

Don't worry--if you unmatch with a level 1 match, they will no longer be able to see your pictures or your level 1 details.

Level 2 (Contact Details)

Level 2 details also private and are known as contact details. This includes your phone number, social media accounts, and addresses. Once you match at level 2 with someone, you will be able to contact the other party if you wish.

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